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Northwest Sporthorse

Northwest Sporthorse

Mario and Dacia (day-sha) Imperato have relocated to the Pacific Northwest and downsized their training program to specialize in clinics, consulting, and specialized farrier work.

            Mario and Dacia use an optimistic and positive approach to helping each horse and rider become confident in their innate talents and improve in their equine sport by learning/practicing skills and drills necessary for their success. We recognize that each horse and rider is an individual and focus on the specialized development of each student. 

            In our program we strive to develop CONNECTION,  strength, courage, focus, and accuracy. As well as we foster a sense of understanding and compassion for others by working closely as a team. Formerly known as Stepping Stone Sporthorse, now owned by a Renè Frilot in Temecula,  CA.  We are currently based out of Butler Hill Equestrian facility south of Bellingham, WA.  We are proud to be known for a strong married partnership teaching together, unique resources (such as LuLu the Mechanical Horse and lots of metaphors) and putting the horse and rider first and sport second. 

           We have a holistic and approach and keep an eye on emotional and physical development while providing world-class training and ensuring safety and soundness of our students, human and equine alike. We are proud of our team of winning riders on top horses riding and showing together with camaraderie, passion, and most of all friendship with not only each other but with their horses.

          Our riding program empowers horse and rider to be successful. At Northwest Sporthorse  we make learning challenging, fun and rewarding! We build riders for top horses and prepare horses for top riders. Rich in experience in most show arenas including disciplines Jumper, Dressage, Hunter, equitation  and Sporthorse breeding, we will customize programs for you and your horse according to your need.

Available to travel for clinics throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

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