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LOA Youth Ranch

LOA Youth Ranch


LOA Youth Ranch exists to help break the cycle of multi-generational trauma in foster and adopted children through Christ-centered equestrian-based mentoring.

Vision Statement

LOA Youth Ranch aims to improve future generations by helping transform the lives of foster and adopted children. We accomplish this by sharing God’s love through healthy mentoring relationships that give children a sense of belonging and show them that they matter. Our structured approach also helps them develop practical life skills using Equestrian Assisted Learning (EAL) that will provide them with the ability to have a healthy transition into adulthood.

 LOA’s primary objective is to mentor children with early developmental trauma, but we also endeavor to support foster and adopted families through other ranch-type activities. Foster and Adoptive parents and their families are the primary support structure of our kids, so LOA Ranch comes alongside youth and their families in an effort to build community, resilience, and confidence through a variety of ranch-related activities.

LOA Youth Ranch functions through three foundational components: the service of youth and families, the care and stewardship of equine and other ranch animals, and partnership with volunteers, families, and organizations to build positive, Christ-centered community focused around ranch-related activities.

Serving Youth and Families

LOA Youth Ranch provides sessions to youth by pairing kids with session leaders for a time of one-on-one mentoring. Sessions may include but are not limited to spending time riding, grooming, or otherwise working with horses, feeding or caring for other ranch animals, gardening, working in a shop environment, painting, games or crafting. Through these sessions, LOA Youth Ranch hopes to foster responsibility, increase self-confidence, and establish positive, uplifting relationships with youth. Sessions are primarily youth-led thus allowing children to freely explore the outdoors in a safe, regulated environment and shape their sessions around their own interests.

LOA Youth Ranch also works to establish a safe environment where the entire family is welcome. While children participate in sessions, parents/guardians, siblings, and other family members are welcome to stay on the ranch, relax, take part in conversation with volunteers and staff, and be a part of ranch activities.

Caring for Equine and Other Ranch Animals

LOA Youth Ranch believes in the ethical stewardship of God’s creation and exists to care for horses and other ranch animals with integrity, compassion, and respect. The Ranch provides a safe, loving home for unwanted, abused, neglected, or re-purposed horses and other ranch animals. Staff and volunteers work to create a safe, structured environment where each animal is cared for, healthy, and happy, and can contribute to the mission of the organization. Youth, volunteers, and families who come to LOA Youth Ranch are educated to respect and care for horses and other ranch animals thus encouraging ethical stewardship of our environment and the animals with whom we share our space.

Building Community Through Outdoor Activities

LOA Youth Ranch exists to be a safe, fun, uplifting, and Christ-centered community. By partnering with volunteers, organizations, and families we hope to create an open and welcoming environment where people feel loved and accepted and free to explore their interests, heal from past traumas, and build long-lasting friendships. LOA Youth Ranch hosts a variety of community activities which include but are not limited to work parties, community barbecues and picnics, fellowship meetings, family-oriented events throughout the year.

Miscellaneous Activities

LOA Youth Ranch provides the facilities and tools for a variety of ranch-related activities all focused around building uplifting, Christ-centered community and helping people heal and grow in a safe, authentic ranch environment.

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